Monroe County Garden Club

Founded in 1927 and federated in 1930

Our Standing Rules
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Standing Rules:

1. All Guests shall register with the Membership Chair upon arrival and be required to pay a fee of $5 unless otherwise stated. If a guest joins the Club, the $5 will be deducted from the dues. One individual may not attend more than two meetings annually as a guest.

2. All reservations for club activities requiring a fee shall be paid in advance. Tickets for Garden Club sponsored events / functions are non-refundable except in cases of death or hospitalization of immediate family.

3. Members whose dues are paid in full by the March Meeting will be included in the yearbook. Bylaw Article III Section IV states: annual dues are payable by the March meeting.

4. The Executive Board shall recommend to the club any change in dues deemed necessary. The change in dues shall be effected by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present for the second reading at a general meeting.

5. A library book in memory of a deceased member shall be placed in their local library within thirty days.

6. The President or Alternate shall represent the club at the annual convention of the Garden Club Federation of PA and District II / III meeting. The president attending the Annual District II / III meeting shall
be reimbursed for lunch. Gas will be reimbursed at the IRS standard for gas mileage to the President or the President’s designated driver. Expenses for convention of GCFP are subject to budget regulations.

7. The chairman of each committee using club properties shall be responsible for their return to the proper place for storage.

8. No item on the budget may be exceeded by more than 10% of the budgeted amount, without the approval of the Executive Board at a board meeting or general meeting.

9. All MCGC members shall be responsible to serve on the Hospitality Committee and Horticulture Therapy at least once in the GC calendar year. If a member cannot serve on the month assigned, it’s the member’s responsibility to find a replacement.

10. The District Director and Guest Speaker shall have their meal for the May luncheon deducted from the Club’s treasury.

11. Advisory Panel. The Advisory Panel shall consist of the Club’s immediate past president.